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Serum Borne of Venom

by shaRds

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Murder 04:26
Murder Hanging man your shadow still wears the chains I smell the piss under the tree Hanging man first come the crows As all men fail their women wail, drinking from the empty cup of sorrow Blooming from your leaking wounds night scented stock Maggots drip like jewels from your flaccid… This beast I skinned to steal his warmth still musks and reeks of murder Close my eyes with every breath I am falling further, further falling, falling further…falling
Galgbacken - Serum borne of Venom We drink from the half filled cup of fate - one is early one is late Place your chin upon the block Your blood is the cure Suck my dripping fingers drain the bowl Cruelty, infamy - can’t you see Three sorrows stab holes to expose a murder of crows Exhale trance of the widows (Raising their skirts shake cobwebs across the floor) 
Cruelty, infamy Can you taste - I wanted it more than thee - Suspirie I found you gazing by a pool Cards though a Queen to lay with a fool One so shallow one so deep One eye open one asleep Swallow swallow flame and tallow I will pour, you will swallow 
Bind the rope with our broken hope Pitch and pyre
 Their flash couldn’t start the fire Lachryma Serum borne of Venom 
Ensis forged in Ferom Pitch and Pyre So what does it matter if I go there again? What happened last night I wasn’t to blame Didn’t even know his name So who gives a Fuck if I do it again In this moment of mania - when the world was mine! Lapping at the cure - with the dogs on the floor (fight fight) Betrayal of rebellion - sold it like a whore Tenebrae Word of a traitor - father creator Ensis Ferum… … Pitch and pyre - piss of their saints couldn’t douse your fire Tenebrae 
Ensis Ferum - Serum borne of Venom Serom borne of Venom Ferum born of Venom
The White 06:35
The White The white world is sleeping I didn’t notice it changing softly in the night Remnants of memories frame his window panes as we cling one last time And surrender to the fire inside Beloved its cold inside Taller jagged I am smaller…keep climbing higher…the bell is ancient light The boy child grew to tower over men & rolls amongst the broken glass of childhoods failure We have waited for this day, our hearts waiting in the corner Patient as the lamb before the slaughter surrender him weak Take my hand I still remember the way - we are so near My shoulder brushed yours once I blinked & there passed a life time I can taste the future your skin holds the scent of autumn your bed is amber leaves Though the narrow window all seems black and white Until we choose to look a little closer beyond the white Oooh its lonely Waiting by the lamp post for the carriage to the ancient world to come. There was no need for me to dream last night A tapestry of winter scent awoke me - windswept woven in white Lace the colour… …of a Winters night Melissa Gray
Blue & Fire 06:32
Musk 03:01
Musk Grey as famine rolls the sky Drag the coffins through the dirt And leave the crows to ponder why and what this life was worth darkness tangles with her hair and bleeds into the precipice Would you follow me no matter where? Close your eyes and drink from the chalice Someone somewhere long ago tricked me And a torch was lit Melissa Gray
Blackout - Beggar the Thief How deep is the water here Something soft recedes beneath my feet
Lost in the slime lit streets In one hand infinity (the other a rusted blade of a lost crusade)

Drinking from the neon puddles that trap - distort the light
Foreign words but the warnings are the same Morality drips into gutters of shame Is it time to change my name again? I jumped before I realised how deep the water was - swim to the island but if we go we both must drown One is reaching out One is going down Blackout if I don’t remember what I did - does it still count? One is craving hearth and home One is wanting out Stale as the morning sold as the night Someone is coming turn out the light All of this takes time Nightmares that bleed from your dreams to mine A bride so young a smoking gun Two decades yet she’d not become Beg for me steal for me What did they borrow Lend me your soul I’ll return it tomorrow All of this takes time The nightmares A bride so young 2 decades more still on the run Wild fettered screams fill your cage from mine Halo first trick of the night Moth and woman circle the street light Meet me by the riverside
 There are dead things in the water one of us must drown One is thrashing wildly One is going down All of this takes time Who is the beggar who is the thief Choke back the bile, pull down the veil Why am I so hollow Who is? Cover the sorrow? Melissa Gray
Ouroboros 06:58
Ouroboros Warm is my snake even in death How my skin clings to him When you were a child your world was the palm of my hand Trap the sun water beads Even the serpent and rainbow bleeds And I…and I…I tell your end in mine And I tell your end in mine, tell your end in mine Despise I sell despise in mind Despise I sell despise form a line Despise I tell your end in mine Despise I sell despise form a line Despise Did I Did I Let you die? Trap the moth Night recedes Languid with malice the moonlight beams Skin turns cold Mandrake screams 
Fed to the failure of childhood dreams Even the serpent and rainbow bleeds Melissa Gray
Nothing Left 06:03
Nothing left when You stepped out of the Sun and You hard and travel stained first saw the Cracks appear boots caked in red mud weathered how long Child on the Run dust Shrouds horizon and You... divining a trail painting the trail with your Footsteps and your Blood your kisses taste of Failure i Tried to catch the half Light from your eyes are we made of dying Stars? i can taste the Dust i Embraced the bitterness cracked lips...leather... bone White teeth hair bleached, by the Sun and You... have Lain beside ...the jackals (skeletons of Neglect) silently the desert Melts to your Flesh... hard as Stone...moved so silently Skin and stone melts to the depths nothing left when You walked back into the Sun i knew ...this time you couldn’t come Home Melissa Gray


released September 21, 2018


all rights reserved



shaRds London, UK

shaRds was formed in 2012 by Melissa Gray A self funded project promoting independent art & live ritual.

Artists include: Rufus Miller - Sting, Tony Brewer - Adorior, Mats Hedberg, Charles Hedger - Mayhem & Giovanni Imparato.

From recording vocals in ice caves to Live Rituals in 200 yr old crypts.
We continue explore.

shaRds is the fangs of the viper…both Serum and Venom.
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